Incredible graphics

GeoNET is fastest in drawing the map on most of mobile devices. In this case you don't have to waste your time waiting a map will be displayed while using the app.

GeoNET is the champion in 3D graphics. Realistic 3D city's objects allow you easily find required place.

You don't have to be always connected

GeoNET have compact map-file format. Maps loads fast and require less memory.

GeoNET is offline navigation app which not required Internet connection to display maps and to calculate routes. From the other hand, GeoNET consume less traffic when you are on-line to download traffic jams information which is used to dynamically optimize your route.

Search and other features

GeoNET is fully equipped with any functions you need for navigation. The most important function is Search (including Voice Search). Night mode, 2D/3D mode switch, object context information display and many others helpful features are available too.