The software offers huge social communication features except for maps revisions, traffic jams information and navigational IM’s.

Feedbacks and travel notes

User may leave a feedback or comment any place, address, or POI on maps. Users may do this from profile or directly in object information sheet; all the information posted is publicly available and becomes available to other users. Comments may be textual, audio or may contain photos. You may search for feedback in several ways. You may view all comments by a selected author, friend or a voice chat user. Ref. to…. Another way to search for feedbacks is to use Search feature; this may work in a specified location, name, POI type or hash-tags.


Using our software you may make new friends and invite existing ones. You may search for friends using registration data – nick name, phone number or email. You may add people to friend directly from the map view or send requests to chat users and authors of feedbacks. Besides you may rate comments and post your own ones in guest books of other users.

Walky-talky and chats

Walky-talky is a unique feature to voice chatting for software users. You can use existing channels or even create new chats. These may be public and private, open to limited number of users.

Private data and confidential policy

The confidential policy is specified by the user. While communicating with friends user may individually set up whether to show his actual location or not. If voice chats user may specify confidentiality level for his messages location.